Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall Forward

As most of you know, today is officially the first day of Fall. Ugh. I am a summer girl born and raised in the heart of summer, Huntington Beach. I live for the OC fair, warm nights at disneyland, beach days with my besties, bbq's and mini vacations every weekend. Its the best time of the year! For some reason people are just way happier in the summer. But now its fall... which means winter is just around the corner. Tank tops and flips flops are going away and coats and boats are coming out. The days end around 5 pm and its freezing as soon as the sun goes down. Cold and Flu season is in full swing and I can't for the life of me get warm no matter how much I wear. I basically just try to survive this time of year. However, there are a few small things that I enjoy about the cold season, and that's what I am here to share today. My (small) Favorites of Fall/Winter.

1. San Francisco Trip

For the past two years me and my some of my best girls have made an annual trip to San Fran. We LOVE it!!! There is nothing more fun than touring this amazing center and trying all their amazing restaurants and trying all their cool stuff. We have to much darn fun and this year will be no exception! this year will just be better because were making it my bachalorette get away!!! All my main girls are being invited and I am sooo excited to have all my favorites in one spot! Its going to be AMAZING!!!

2. Starbucks Apple Cider

 If you haven't tried this....your ridiculous. Its fantastic! I love getting this before a movie or something and just sipping and relaxing. Its warm, its sweet, its perfect. To make it extra amazing get the carmel drizzle on top you will NOT regret it!

3. Holiday Parties

Yes this is a table of food. My most favorite part of any given holiday party. My family has one every year with my dads side of the family and thats always amazing and filled with the best food (mainly my nana hughes's beans and yordabachals (a Norwegian donut type thing that I spelled wrong). Also Me and my friends usually have one, and my most favorite one of all is on Christmas Eve. Chinese Dinner. It makes my year, every year. Followed by a holiday party at my aunt and uncles to finish off the evening. I love holiday parties because everyone just seems so cozy and happy.

4. Wendy's Chili

Ok so I know this one is laughable but I can't help it! I love Wendy's chili. Me and my bestie Darian truly love this stuff. Its perfect on a cold rainy day and It may not be the best chili ever but i think its pretty dang delicious. 

 So there you have it, my small list of things I actually enjoy about the winter. Odd how it all revolves around food? I think not food is what makes the world go round. haha. Anyways thanks for reading folks. 

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