Thursday, November 17, 2011

I can hear the wedding bells!

    When Jason and I picked our date in August everyone was like "thats too long! you guys are crazy!" but is anyone aware November is over?? People are still telling us it seems so far away but to us its like tomorrow! Considering how busy we both are right now we could not have planned our wedding on any shorter time scale. We have exactly 106 days until D-Day! We have two weddings in the next two weekends after thanksgiving, family christmas party the weekend after that, Christmas just around the corner, New Years, trip with my besties, Bridal shower, bachelorette party, and then families arrive! We have exactly 6 weekends until the wedding date where we do not have other things to do. crazy right?? I'll admit if we werent so busy all the time we would have a looong time to go but when you think about it like that the time flys by! and half of those upcoming weekends we wont even be together!

For the past few months it has kind of seemed like wedding plans were just basics... and it didnt really make the wedding real to me but this week was like POW! your getting married! I finally found and ordered my dream dress that I am 100% in love with and I cannot wait to wear on March 3rd, I swear when I get it I may just wear it around the house for a few days. I have all my little wedding day accessories picked out and on their way and Jasons suit is 99% complete. All of my bridesmaids have their dresses (or their coming) and most of the boys have their stuff ready. Center peices are stacked up in our living room, dads are ordering their Navy blue suits, and my mom is searching for a new dress. Everything is coming together!

Last but not least, the BEST part is complete. We had our photo shoot with the one and only Kamee June yesterday... we are in heaven. She made us laugh, made us feel like we were models for GQ and Vogue, and most of all got amazing shots! Jason and I have been chatting all day about how we cant wait to work with her again on March 3rd!!! I vow right here and now... all family photos, baby photos, and future childrens photos will be taken by Kamee... everyone else is a waste! haha just kidding..kinda. There are many talented photographers out there but we are in Love with this one! Besides my decision to marry the J-man the choice we made to have her do our photos is the best one yet!


               I ADORE Jasons face here. I adore it all the time but seriously... how handsome is my guy?!?!


                I cant get over these photos... warning: I will go on about these for a LOOONNGG time!

To sum up this random but spirited blog... I cant wait for this day to come! March 3rd is going to be the happiest and craziest day of my life and paraphrasing from my bestie Kendra "I woke up the next day so incredibly happy I was married to (Jason) and nothing else mattered." obviously her statement said Scott but you get the point. I cant wait to be married to Jason and for our life to officially start together in a place with both our names on the mailbox. Until next time... thanks for reading!!!