Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The times are A' changin

   About a year ago I remember sitting with one of my BFF's (Eva Blake) and talking about how I was so ready for a change. I wanted to go to a new ward, move, get a new job, meet new people.... it was a pretty hefty list. Flash Forward to one year later and my world is upside down! New school, New Fiance, moving out for the first time in a few months, wedding planning, most likely getting a new job, leaving singles ward (when were married of course) for a family ward, and the biggest change of all... Im getting married! Its amazing how much your world can completely change in one year. And the craziest thing is this time next year I'll be sitting here writing about how weird it is to be married for 6 months. TIme really does fly. 

   I think the main thing that brought about all these previous thoughts was the fact that yesterday I turned 22. Now I know anyone over 22 is sitting there thinking "your still a baby...22 is no big deal... What's she complaining about Im 30!!!" I know. It sounds ridiculous to me too, however, the fact of the matter is I'm a little depressed Im 22. I feel like I should still be a teenager in high school. I had so many goals I wanted to accomplish by the time I was this age that have kinda fallen by the wayside. For the first time in my life I actually feel older. Don't get me wrong I LOVE my life and things are working out the way I had always hoped for right now, but I am still shocked at my age. haha, again i know that sounds pathetic. Luckily I was able to ring in this new year of life with a pretty awesome day consisting of work (which sounds boring but it really wasn't bad) followed by a delicious and extremely fattening dinner at Maggiano's with my parents and Fiance. Oh! and I also got this shiny new computer that I am absolutely OBSESSED with!!! It is by far the most amazing thing I have ever owned. 

   Anyways, the whole message I am trying to get out there today is to be careful what you wish for because seriously, you just might get it! And that I did. Change is good, without change we would never progress. I am super excited for this coming fall semester to be at "a big kid school" in ALL history courses ALL the time!!! and for the day when in just six short months I become Mrs. Jason Barnett. One day at a time and I will try not to get over whelmed! wish me luck folks!

Monday, August 8, 2011

And so it begins....

Wedding plans are in full swing and already Im going crazy. Its litteraly been one week and Im stressed out lol. I'm trying (and failing) to get as much done before the fall semester starts so I dont have to think of what flavor cake I want while attempting to study the dead sea scrolls. We have found the perfect place for the wedding. My father knows the owner and at first it sounded like a sham (claire lol )because its in the heart of Santa Ana, but we walked in and fell in LOVE. It's exactly what we were looking for! Vintage looking with and elegant feel, indoor and outdoor, and its already decorated! Its a one stop shop complete with catering, tables, chairs, dance floor, linens, plates.... everything!

                                                                 ( A little sneak peak)
Anyways, so were in love with this place but my parents dont seem to like it much, which brings me to my next point. I love my parents more than anything and they are AMAZING however, they seem to have some ideas that dont exactly match with mine. Im sure all brides can attest to this but parents really want the wedding their way.. not yours. Everything I like, they hate, and vice versa. Its very hard to find mutual ground but were working on it. Other than that Im pretty lucky on the planning I have an amazing fiance who is willing to help with anything and actually cares about all the stuff we pick and amazing friends who are backing us up! Plus so far we have a free caterer and DJ!!! Thats a few bucks back in our pockets. Hopefully I can at least book the place before school starts but i'll keep you updated... thanks for reading!

Monday, August 1, 2011

I'm marrying my best friend!!!

I'm new to blogging and and I won't lie, for a while I always thought it was kind of a silly thing to spend your time... then I met Jason. We fell in love and suddenly I found myself wishing I could tell all of our little stories of funny things that have happened and how fast I was falling for him. Then one night he randomly asked me if after he proposed I would start a blog like our friends Kendra and Kaitlin and I thought it was a good idea! So here I am, engaged and writing a blog!

To get this party started I wanted to give my readers (who are now non exsistant) a little backround on me and my Fiance, I love to call him that! Jason and I actually met about 2 years ago now at a little battle of the bands type thing for church through our mutual friend Kendra Douglas. Her Husband is Jasons BFF and Kendra is one of my BFF's. Anyways, I didnt think twice about him until Kendra brought him around again to hang out with us all one night. I thought he was cute and we seemed to have alot in common but nothing ever happened. Finally, about a year later Kendra started trying to get us to like eachother and set us up on our first date. Second, third, and fourth dates were soon to follow and before I knew it he was sitting and chatting with my whole family on Easter. He fit so perfectly with everyone that I realized quickly this wasnt just a fling. I then met his family, and knew they were the family I was supposed to be a part of. Now just 6 short months after our first date and true to LDS fashion were engaged!!! I am extremely blessed to be in love and happier than I ever thought possible!

So now here I am trying to wrap my head around planning a wedding which I have NO idea how to do!!! Luckily for me, I legitimately ( that one's for you Jay) have the BEST friends this world has ever seen and therefore, have the best MOH's, there are two Darian Sharber and Eva Blake.And the most wonderful bridesmaids Anne Rohm, Kendra Douglas, Sheryl Seiler, Johnnie Theofornos, and Debbie Westermeyer. I know that they will all back me up 100% and be there for anything and everything! I'm about to be thrown into a whirlwind of decorations, cakes, dresses, and all other things wedding. Im excited for this new chapter in my life and I couldnt imagine a better person to stand by my side through it all my fiance, Jason Barnett. Let the plans and chaos begin!!!