Friday, September 16, 2011

a little rant to calm the troubled heart

Ok so I know I posted yesterday but I've got sometime to make up for and this is something Ive been dying to write about for a while. Life in the Service Industry. For anyone who has ever worked in a restaurant you know what Im about to say... Its hard work! Have you ever noticed your server seems to be a little slow on a saturday night? ever wonder why? Most likely its because we have about 6 tables with at least 4 people at each one. Thats 24 drinks, salads, drink refills, side of dressings, "no onion add tomatoes", entree's, "mines cold", and again drink refills. So when you walk in slurp down two cokes in about 0.5 seconds, order a complicated order, and want everything from cheese to a side of cherries, give us a minute! My top pet peeves are as follows....
1. Say hello to us when we say hello to you. It is not polite for me to walk up introduce myself and say hello and you respond with "I'll have a diet coke." It makes us feel like you don't see us as a person...seriously.
2. If your unhappy with something, tell us. The second it happens let us know. We WILL take care of it. There is no reason to force yourself through a meal you hate then complain to our managers after. If you complain and we don't do something... 100% ask to see a manager.

3. Remember that 9 times out of 10 we clean and bus our own tables, or we have to pay someone to. Factor that into your tip as you mix your chocolate cake with ketchup when your bored.
4. If a coupon is expired, its expired. there is NOTHING I can do.
5. Lastly, just be nice. Honestly the nicer my tables are the more I try to help them out with free drinks, dessert on the house, an extra bread togo... I will always give better service to the people who are polite to me and will do everything in my power in ensure they have a nice night. If your rude, why would we want you back?

So there you have it. my rant for the day. Don't get me wrong 95% of my tables are great and I truly enjoy serving them, but those 5% make my world a nightmare when Im busy. Thank you for reading!


  1. this is crackin me up!! i love the part about chocolate cake and ketchup lol

  2. thank you claire for reading!!! haha I'm glad you liked it!