Sunday, April 15, 2012

Top 10 things to do before I die

So recently I was stumbling around on one of my favorite past times "stumble upon" and I ran across someones list of the top 10 things to do before they die... which got me thinking, what are MY top 10 things to do before I kick the can?? I have now been sitting here thinking about this list for about two days and I think I have landed on a pretty good one! So here it goes...

1. Be a mom. I love my mom, as crazy as she makes me, I actually adore her. I want a little girl or boy to look up to me and to love me that much (it sounds less selfish in my head). Also, my favorite thing to day dream on at church is my handsome husband holding our little baby during sacrament and his arms wrapped around us both.

2. Spend AT LEAST two weeks in Italy. Its so beautiful there I want to be able to see as much as I can. Even with two weeks I would be stressed about time, but I am attempting to be somewhat realistic. I have dreamt about seeing Italy for as long as I can remember. One of my favorite gifts ever was at Christmas this year when my parents gave us a calendar of Italy with a note that said "When you wish upon a star your dreams will come true" I cried. Luckily for me, Ive got Jason on board with the whole Europe excursion and were hoping and praying to make it there for our one year.

3. Skydive. I love adrenaline. Ever since I was a kid I loved roller coasters and anything else that went high off the ground and fast. Granted I also fall a lot and have broken 12 bones.. none the less I love it. I went Bungy jumping in New Zealand a few years ago and ever since I have wanted to skydive. My plan was to go for my 23rd birthday but Jason begged me not to. Someday though... I will do it.

4. See ancient Ruins all over the world. Im a history major... I love history. Its so interesting and filled with mysteries that we still have to answer. I would love to be able to travel everywhere from Thailand to Jerusalem and see all the ruins left behind from people living thousands of years ago.

5. Pay back my parents. This will no doubt prove to be impossible... but its worth a shot. I don't mean with money. I mean with genuine love and care. I want to someday people to take care of them the way they have for me for the past 23 years and going... they still send me home with boxes of food every time I go home. They are the most loving, giving, and caring people on the earth and I would love to be able to give them back everything they have given me.

6. Serve a Mission with Jason. Doesn't two years serving the Lord with your better half sound amazing?!?! I can't think of anything that would be more peaceful and pleasant. I imagine us getting called to some remote area with nothing to do but work at the temple visitors center or something. It sounds like a dream.

7. See the Northern Lights. Im sure a lot of people want to do this... its pretty legit. I want to go to Alaska anyways just because its awesome but this would be a pretty cool bonus!

8. Fly a Plane. Another weird one of mine I think... I have this really big dream of being able to just hop in a little plane and fly it somewhere. I think it sounds so cool!

9. Do Genealogy. My grandma looves to do genealogy. She knows a lot about many of my ancestors. My plan is to get every name I can and take their names to the temple. Thats the goal. Its happening.

10. AHH Last one! I bet your all dying to know!!! I decided to leave the last one blank. Let the future build it for me. Right now I am pretty content with my life and my dreams but I know after I have kids, a home, a real job... some of these will change and grow so this one I am leaving to the future so Ill let you know when I figure it out!

Love always,
Cambri Barnett.

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