Thursday, March 1, 2012

Holy Hannah!!!

Well Ladies and Gentlemen, the time has officially come! This weekend (as in the day after tomorrow) I am getting married to my best friend!!!! The time has flown by and I can't believe this is my last full day and night at home! Crazy! Anyways, I thought I would give everyone a quick run down of the day on saturday mainly because many have asked and because I am supposed to be doing homework and this is stalling... haha anyways lets begin shall we?

1. First things first Saturday at around 6 am me and all my bridesmaids (Darian, Eva, Anne, Kendra, Sheryl, Johnnie and Debbie) will be waking up in our gorgeous hotel and getting our makeup and hair done by the beautiful Richelle Divis. Then at about 10 Ill be leaving to head to the Newport Beach Temple to be sealed to J-bizz forever. 

 2. After we are married We will come out and see all of our family and friends and get some amazing photos with the one and only Kamee June!!! I am most excited for this I think because finally I can snag all the people I love the most in one photo! Plus the photos she takes of me and Jason will be passed down to our children, hanging on our walls, and all over Facebook forever (LOL)!!!

3. After that were heading to The Green Parrot Villa for our ring ceremony. Because only members of the LDS church can enter the temple, I want all those who can't join us in there to be able to be apart of the ceremony by watching me walk down the aisle with my pop, exchange rings, and have our first kiss as husband and wife!

(Obviously not me lol, just gives you an idea)

4. After that is where the real fun begins!!! Dinner, music, dancing, candy bar!!! all sorts of fun stuff and just a general party with all the best people in the world! My one goal is to convince my nephews to dance with me haha. But we'll also do the traditions bouquet toss, daddy daughter dance, first dance, garter toss, and smash the delicious cake (made by the wonderful Kaitlin Finger) in each others faces!

5. After the partying is done and everyone is kicking off their heels we'll be getting ready to head out for the honeymoon! We'll walk under a tunnel of sparklers, probably get set on fire, and get in our car and go! Forever begins <3

Although I have complained quite a bit about being a hectic bride, I am going to miss all the planning, all the parties, and all the general love and support that people give you doing this time. We have some dang amazing people in our lives who have helped us in so many ways and I can't express how thankful I am for you! You know who you are! I am so excited for this next chapter in my life to start and can not wait to be sealed to my hot, funny, sweet, loving, sensitive, wonderful man in less than 2 days now!! wow! Until next time!

- Cambri Barnett

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